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Vortecon Factory Processing

Vortecon is the perfect item for entertainment, relaxation, and stress-deflation. If you are having a bad day and you need a companion to live you up a bit, then this is the best item to go for. It is the perfect tool to help you focus also; if you need to concentrate on a crucial task, just keep Vortecon spinning, and it will give you your heart desire. Is any of your friends finding it challenging to focus, suffering from ADHD or autism? You can buy Vortecon for that friend, and it will help him or her to manage the situation better.

Vortecon was made following a high tech modality, which has transformed this product to one of the best you can ever come by on earth today. The factory environment is perfectly set up to ensure top standard production.

Vortecon comes with a rotating base that enables the item to rotate freely on a smooth surface. The bearing is also made of stainless steel of top quality. Though it is made using different materials, like copper, brass and stainless steel, they all come with stainless steel bearings. The spinning is equally done silently and smoothly thanks to the evenness of the bearing. Consequently, it will never make any noise when using it. You can remove the base to provide easy access to the bearing. The rotating base equally bears a leather layer bearing the Vortecon logo embossed on it.

Vortecon is made from solid metals cut into perfect sizes using a precision machining technique. The same procedure is equally used in its design and modification to transform it into a dynamic sculpture that changes patterns along the speed of rotation. You can also pile multiple Vortecon on one another and spin them as a single unit; they will look even more impressive this way.

At the Vortecon factory, it is made on aerospace-grade lathes originating from solid stainless steel, copper or brass. The factory made use of CNC machines to produce Vortecon. The use of CNC machine ensures that a very high level of precision is achieved in the manufacturing, which is rarely found in any other regular object.

The smooth surface texture and minutely milled lines are easily felt once you touch the Vortecon for the first time. The stainless steel type is both corrosive-resistant and durable. The copper form is dense and can maintain excellent item look for a lifetime. The yellowish tone of the brass type makes it stand out in every wit.