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Reasons why Ordering from KangerTech Wholesale Distributors is better than Factory Direct

A Vape Manufacturer, in simple terms, is a person or company which produces vape products. An e cig wholesale distributor, on the contrary, is a kind of a bridge between the actual manufacturer and the retailer. He distributes the market-ready vape products to retailers through a variety of distribution channels and supply chains, depending on the demand of the product. Purchasing the vape products direct from the factory might be a bit less costly, but it is recommended that they should be bought from an authentic wholesale distributor. This is primarily due to the reason that factories are mostly located away from cities, and it becomes a tedious task visiting them frequently to buy products. Also, a product cannot be returned or exchanged once it is bought from the factory. In the case of a reliable wholesale distributor, however, the aforementioned issues are minimised. Moreover, since wholesale business is volume-centric, the more you buy, the cheaper it shall be.

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subtank mini nano comparison

Because of their environment friendliness, vape products are becoming more popular with each passing day. Various cigarette companies have also initiated their own chain for vape products but there are some companies, like this KangerTech Wholesale Distributors, who are solely dedicated to selling vape products. Talking about KangerTech, it feels mandatory to specifically mention two of their products. Although most of their products have very good reviews from general public, but Kanger Subtank Mini and Kanger Subtank Nano are two products which have revolutionised the market for vape products. They are the current best sellers because of their price efficiency, unique design, and some cool features like the rebuildable atomiser head in Subtank Mini and enhanced airflow system in Subtank Nano. With these clearomizers, one can now make his own coil and choose his own wick for a thoroughly new and better flavour experience.