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Hoverboard Store – Large selection on Alien Wheels

Getting yourself the new generation travelling companion that would revolutionize your commuting within short distances and showing others what style you are made of would be what all "hoverboard" users would be thinking when they move around stealthily on their new acquisitions.

You too could get one by just walking into the store close by where the safest of all "hoverboards" are sold in and pick up one for you too and join that elite crowd who has all become the cynosure around the neighborhood.


Armed with the UL2272 certification which is the standard for all "hoverboards" sold in the market of which there is only one manufacturer, AlienBoard Hoverboards with the others clamoring to get this very elusive and highly standardized certification you would know what you are buying once you get to their store.


Models in store

The range of models made available to the "hoverboard" enthusiast is very impressive and on the top of the range are the latest on the shelves "BatWings" and "Mars One". Both are equipped with Bluetooth technology and are state of the art with many innovative features that could be downloaded into your smart phone.

The product development at Alien Wheels has been very rapid and innovative with their competitors trying hard to keep up with them at the pace they are moving forward.

Some manufacturers have had issues with their "hoverboards" as some have self ignited due to faulty electrical circuitry and defective or substandard batteries. Click here to check out how to tell the difference of cheap hoverboards and good hoverboards.

It has been investigated that when the electrical circuits are in error the batteries heat up and self ignite and this has been a major concern for the authorities as most of these "hoverboards" are used by the young and the not so young.

Unless the manufacturers get their act together there is no way that they would get the required approvals to release their models into the market but with AlienBoard Hoverboards running the roost they have some very impressive models displayed for the discerning in their hoverboard store.

Safety an important factor

It is the concern of safety first which has been the primary objective of the responsible and public conscious manufacturer, AlienBoards Hoverboards that has propelled them to the pinnacle of success and their "hoverboard" stores are always welcoming a stream of interested and inquisitive customers.

There have been many interesting episodes behind this very imaginative product since author M.K Joseph wrote about it some five decades ago in 1967. This was followed by the box office grossing movie series "Back to the future" that created an unprecedented wave of interest and imagination around the world where everyone dreamt of traveling at speed hovering a few feet above the ground.

If this was impossible due to the unavailability of the desired technology the next best thing was to travel comfortably cruising along but firmly on the ground with wheels turning instead of the ultimate contention of being above the ground, suspended in mid air.

Walking into an AlienBoard Hoverboard online store you are sure to be flabbergasted with what is on offer and with some very special deals on, you are sure to pick up one.