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What began as a fictional levitating board out of the imagination of author M.K Joseph in the year 1967 and brought into reality in the Robert Zemeckis directed 2015 film franchise "Back to the Future" Part II, the "Hoverboard" is now becoming very popular among the young and the not so young.

The present Hoverboard like Alien Board available in stores does not levitate and is not fictional anymore but it is reality at its best and is very much on the ground and does take the individual riding it, to distances of 15 to 20 kilometers or a little more at speeds of up to15 to 16 kilometers per hour.

Your own Hoverboard

You could buy and own a Hoverboard which are freely available either at the nearest departmental, superstore or order one from the many brands made available online.

When you do purchase one it would be prudent on your part to ensure that service and spare parts availability is at its optimum as these are new gadgets which have been introduced into the public domain and it would need a good after sales and spare parts back up.

Spare parts availability

Even if the cheap hoverboard that you finally decide to purchase does not have a well streamlined service back up it would be imperative to ensure that there are ample spare parts available if anything should go wrong.

Today most of the electrical appliances that we buy are very simple in design and most of them have a "do it yourself" or DIY, instruction manual and are very easy to repair.

Armed with a few appropriate tools we could remove the defective part and replace with a spare which would need only a bit on common sense and not much of a technical degree to accomplish the task.

If you could find the defective part and replace it, you would be able to save a few hundred dollars as more than the cost of spares today it is the man hours spent that would cost us exorbitant amounts, to dole out.


Repairs by yourself

Technical details like for most electrical appliances do accompany Hoverboards too, and once you have the required technical details pin pointing the defective part would not be a very arduous task.

Once you have done so removing it and replacing with a new spare would only be a simple chore of either removing a few screws or unplugging some clips and getting the job completed.

If we could accomplish such simple tasks we could save money and also keep our Hoverboard in perfect operational condition without recourse to the parent company for every little flaw in it.

It is imperative that we learn to do these very little and simple tasks on our own as the world around us is becoming more sophisticated technically and the good thing about it is it getting simpler too.

We just need the right tools, the right spare parts and a little common sense which would ensure that our hoverboard is up and running providing us optimum satisfaction at all times.