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It may be quite a difficult task to find a Hoverboard that would be priced less than Euro 100/=, as they have not dropped to such low prices yet.

It was quite expensive when introduced but they ran into immense problems like self combusting and some even exploding which compelled manufacturers to withdraw them from the market.

Then the United States brought in stringent laws to control its sale which culminated with mandatory standardization with the UL2272 certification.

The UL2272 certification required Hoverboards to undergo about 150 plus stringent tests, which naturally increased the price since manufacturers had to meet those standards.

So if you are looking to buy a Hoverboard for less than Euro 100/=, you would need to buy wholesale or one that has been used because it may be unlikely that you could get one at those prices.

In any case if you do find one and it is unused and brand new, then you would need to carefully check it out whether it carries the UL2272 certification.

Even if it does, beware that the certification is itself genuine because there are many unscrupulous people out there and the world is full of cheats so being certain would be prudent of you.

The best option if you are cash strapped and want a Hoverboard then it would be wise to check out the reputed online stores such as and wait for a bargain and when you get one, grab it immediately.


So the most important thing to remember would be to check out if the Hoverboard that you intend buying for less than Euro 100/- does carry an authentic UL2272 certification.

If it is from a reputed brand and a respected online store and is less than Euro 100/- with the UL2272 certification go ahead and buy it, safety would not be an issue then.